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Exercising patience in your expectations

Exercising patience in your expectations

Dear Editor,

IN 2008, I was heavily involved in the presidential campaign for President Rupiah Banda. When he won, I attended his inauguration ceremony and later his luncheon at Government House.

Thereafter, I disappeared and went back to my usual chores. Never to be seen again.

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A week later, he appointed and swore-in some State House aides (strangers). I was never bothered at all!

In his third week as President, he started looking for me – the rest is history! Never chase appointments – he reminded me about this yesterday!

You may think that you played major role in making someone President but you will never know who else contributed even more.

There are those people who made it happen without being seen at rallies, roadshows or campaigns. Theirs, regardless of the outlook, was quiet but significant support.

Only the President knows who did what during campaigns. So don’t be shocked with his choice of appointees! Even unexpected strangers get appointed. I learnt this in State House.

Good day!


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