PF warns councillors over salary demands

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 11:17:31 +0000


COUNCILLORS cannot demand salaries because they work on a part-time basis which only allows them to demand for allowances, Patriotic Front secretary general Davies Mwila has charged.

Pointing out that the Constitution of Zambia made it clear that councillors were part-time workers, Mr Mwila warned at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the party would take disciplinary action against any PF councillor who would challenge Government on the issue of salaries.

“The Constitution is very clear that there has not been any change on the issue of councillors demanding for salaries. They are part-time workers who can only demand for an allowance. We will take disciplinary action against any councillors who will continue talking about the salaries,” he warned.

Mr Mwila however advised the councillors to follow the right channels when expressing their grievances such as the Local Government Service Commission.

Mr Mwila assured the councillors that their grievances would be well handled by the Ministry of Local government and that they should not run to the media.

And Mr Mwila said that the PF was happy with the outcome of the by-elections which were held last Thursday.

He disclosed that the PF had scooped 11 seats from the 16 at local government level, while the remaining five seats went to the opposition United Party for National Development.

He expressed concern that the PF had lost the Mukuba seat on the Cobberbelt, which is their perceived stronghold.

Mr Mwila promised to go on the ground to find out the reason why PF lost the Mukuba seat to the opposition UPND.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwila reiterated that the PF had made it clear that they had done away with the position of deputy minister to cut on cost.

He dispelled claims that PF Members of Parliament were advocating for the reintroduction of the position so that they could get jobs.

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