Kudos for Mulenga Kampamba

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 11:08:18 +0000

Dear Editor, I write to commend the new Information Minister Mulenga Kampamba on her pronouncement to personally acquaint herself with her new portfolio by taking countrywide tour of duty of all media houses.  I am more particularly encouraged by her willingness to tour all media houses including online ones to familiarise herself and actually embrace them to grow information dissemination so much desired to improve our economy. This is a very good stance

especially coming from the back ground where her predecessors were more pre-occupied with Government media houses operations most of times. If she does not rescind this good intention, Zambia is surely bound to benefit a lot from her ethical and non-political manoeuvres which will also see freedom of Information so much longed for. Information is power, so congrats Madam for your impending marathon tour. Concerned citizen CHINGOLA

Enrolled nurses lament Editor, IT is really disheartening to learn that the Ministry of Health is not supporting the employees to progress academically especially the enrolled nurses. We cannot convert to Registered Nursing because it is not a priority for the Ministry and we can’t go for direct Registered Midwifery because the schools are not considering the in-service applicant. We all want to do degrees but I personally feel nursing is best performed when followed in stages and resources are a constraint.

Some of us are bread winners and if we go for degrees, it means we have to forget about other responsibilities or we end up not finishing the programme. Personally, I love my profession with passion but with all this, I really don’t think we will perform to our best. I urge the Ministry and the General Nursing Council to look into this matter. Concerned enrolled nurse Lusaka Luano PF councillor demands for salary Editor, I am a PF Muswishi ward councillor Luano district. I now wish to add my voice on our monthly salary issue.

We are being pointed fingers at daily by our electorate for not delivering development so quickly on the promises we made together with our MPs who are no longer near us. May I appeal to His Excellency Mr Edgar C Lungu to intervene in this salary issue. This matter, the way I see it, is beyond the power and hands of the Finance Minister nor the Emoluments Commission. Let fairness prevail. Please, give us better monies. Chris Prince Mboroma Cheap is expensive Editor, I would like to express my view on the roofs that have continued falling due to the heavy rains in different parts of the country. It is noticed that buildings that are collapsing are mostly those newly built. This means that works which are done by our contractors are not up to standard.

This is detrimental on the part of Government which funds these projects. Where are our inspectors and engineers to inspect such works before they are commissioned?  Mind you, cheap is expensive! Nawa, Kafue    Take street vendors into Chisokone market Editor, Kitwe city town centre is small but has too many Noah bus stations. Moreover, the ever growing Chisokone market centre is adding pressure. May the street vendors be taken back to Chisokone market? Kelvin M, Kitwe Toll gate fees well-intended Editor, Kafue MP is being petty and unrealistic to call for the reversal of the hiked toll fees at Shimabala toll gate in an effort to protect motorists hailing from Kafue alone. What about commuter bus drivers from Siavonga, Chirundu up to Livingstone who pass that point twice or three times a day? Who is talking on their behalf? I am sure their respective MPs can make noise for them. Then the whole nation will rise against toll gates fees.

We have urgent problems in Kafue that need your attention more than fighting well-off car owners. What a fruitless war! D. Phiri Stock health institutions with drugs Editor, I would like to comment on the health issues in our country. Government should immensely buy medicines because many people are dying in hospitals due to lack of medicines. Siancheka. R, Kanyama Please pay retirees Editor, Allow me space in your paper to complain about the suffering of the retirees who have not been paid their dues for years now.

Some retirees were retired in 2013 but up to now, they have not been paid. To make matters worse, we are not mentioned in the 2017 national budget. When is the Government going to pay the retirees so that they can also buy fertilizers and pay school fees? Concerned Ronald Ross General Hospital retiree Former FRA depot clerks and guards stranded Editor, I appeal to the Minister of Agriculture to look into the plight of former FRA depot clerks and guards whose depots were closed recently.

These mostly young men and women have not been paid their salaries ranging for many months, hence making it difficult for them to relocate to their various homes or towns. May the relevant authorities resolve their welfare expeditiously? Wisdom Muyunda


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