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24th January, 2013

The Officer- In- Charge




Dear Sir/Madam,


As you are aware, a number of Citizens of ITEZHI-TEZHI District and Indeed myself have complained to you or your office about the escalating crime rate in the District. In particular about issues including;

(a)  Cattle Thefts

(b) Murders

(c)  Corporate nuisances and

(d)  The conduct of your Subordinates (Police officers)

You recall that a number of my cattle has been stolen overtime. In some cases, we managed to identify the culprits and reported them to your office. However, your office has failed to take any action. Recently, I took some of your officers to my camps for verification of my complaints and evidence was provided to back the complaints. Your office could not act despite having issued “Call-outs” to some suspects. The suspects have defied your instructions for them to report to the police station, raising serious suspicion not only about the police’s ability to maintain law and order but also the possibility of conspiracies among your officers and criminals.

I am aware that some of your officers have been talking to some suspects and even notified me about it. In an effort to enhance your operations, we have provided your office with fuel or /and transport. Still the culprits are at large. A case in point and of which you owe me an explanation is that of Mr. Brain Hameno of BasangaVillage. This man is a friend of your colleagues and at the same time a hard-core criminal who is at the center of cattle rustling in the area.

Mr. Officer-In- Charge, you are aware that Animals are taken for slaughter in Namwala without being cleared by Police. These animals are slaughtered at Night at one of the named Abattoirs in Namwala. All this information has been brought to your attention.

2. Several murder and attempted murder cases have been reported to ITT Police. I know a number of such cases, especially those that occurred in Musungwa and Shezongo Chiefdoms. My Aunt was axed; my cousin was shot at, etc. No arrests have been made.

3. There is serious recklessness in the district which should be curbed without further delay. Bars are not regulated, as such there is serious noise pollution and moral decay. This is happening with the involvement of your staff. The Police and Council could easily address this situation.

In conclusion, I wish to state that ITEZHI-TEZHI and partly Namwala Districts have become havens for Criminals. The Police are part and parcel of the Bad – on- goings in the Districts. There is need to seriously re-examine the conduct of all Police Officers, some Traditional Leaders and other stakeholders, in respect to Livestock Management, Crime prevention and Corporate Governance.

By copy of this letter, I request the Ministries of Home Affairs and Agriculture, the Inspector General of Police, the District Commissioners and Chiefs to urgently reflect over this sad situation affecting the people of ITEZHI-TEZHI and to some extent the people of Namwala. Otherwise people will be forced to take the law into their on hands.

Should you need any further information or assistance with regards the same, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I remain;

David S. Diangamo


C.C. Hon E.  Lungu, MP

Minister of Home Affairs


C.C. Hon E. Chenda, MP.

Minister of Agriculture


C.C. Ms S. Libongani


Zambia Police Service


C.C. District Commissioner


C.C. The District Commissioner

Namwala District

C.C. His Royal Highness –Chief Musungwa

C.C. His Royal Highness –Chief Shezongo


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