UPND brings back ‘Operation Watermelon’

Dear Editor,

WITH the August 12 elections fast approaching, the UPND are spending piles of cash on propaganda with the view of damaging the image of the ruling Patriotic Front government because they have realised that they have no alternative policies in their monotonous messages that can subsequently make people vote for them.

In 2016 during the election campaign period the UPND introduced what they called “operation watermelon” strategy or formula if you like. This strategy saw them dress their cadres in green PF regalia and then encourage them to cause all sorts of chaos and violence so that the unsuspecting public would stage a rebellion against the PF government.

The “operation watermelon” strategy did not yield the UPND’s desired results in the previous election and they have now brought it back in a much more sophisticated, advanced and avant-garde form.  Put it in a nutshell, its “operation watermelon” on steroids this time around. The UPND are now taking advantage of the people’s love for social media by bombarding it with fake “money videos” and pictures of their cadres clad in PF regalia brandishing enormous stashes of cash while masquerading as PF members.

The motive behind the fake money videos is to create an impression that the PF are empowering their cadres with huge amounts of money at the expense of ordinary Zambians who are desperately in need of money which will result in a public furore.  The UPND know that Zambians still love President Edgar Lungu and the PF and this is why they have resorted to using the propaganda “operation watermelon” – fake money videos as an attempt of making Zambians turn against their government but the PF and President Edgar Lungu are steps ahead of the UPND and this is why they now want to enact the Cyber Bill into law to bring sanity to social media.

It’s no coincidence that the UPND are very afraid of the Cyber Bill. They know for a fact that once the Bill is made law, their series of fake money videos propaganda will come to an abrupt end with their sponsored criminals brandishing fake Kwachas being visited by the long arm of the law.

The trending of disturbing fake money videos and pictures on social media is another well grounded reason why all Zambians must support the Cyber Bill. It’s time we brought sanity to the Cyber space.




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