UPND hypocrisy exposed


It is the highest level of hypocrisy for the UPND to  protest the high number of registered voters in Patriotic Front strongholds, PF official and founding member Lemmy Bwalya has said.

“They did not complain in 2016 when they had higher numbers of voters in their strongholds. Why are they complaining now””Mr. Bwalya said.

Mr Bwalya wondered why UPND had suddenly become vocal over the good outcome of the voter registration process in its strongholds but never complained in 2016.

He said UPND strongholds recorded a good turnout during voter registration in the previous general elections, but the opposition party was quiet.

A discredited UPND sympathizer masquerading as an academic Sishuwa Sishuwa suggested that the general elections in August would be a scam because the UPND strong holds had lower figures that the PF strongholds.

He said according to the new figures released by the electoral Commission of Zambia Southern North western and Western Provinces which are perceived as opposition stronghold had witnessed a drastic reduction in the number of registered voters.

Mr Bwalya said in an interview that UPND was happy when its strongholds registered more voters than ruling party strongholds but was being a crybaby now that the narrative had changed.

He said now that the final list indicated that PF strongholds had recorded more voters, UPND were heart broken.

“This is real hypocrisy, now that things are not in their favour, UPND is crying when they were quiet in 2016 when their strongholds captured more voters,” said Mr Bwalya. TAKE


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