Zambia’s fish industry lacks experts to grow

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 12:06:43 +0000

LACK of experts in the aquaculture sector in Zambia has negatively affected the growth of the fish industry, says Tangaza Africa Media in South Africa chief executive officer Nixon Kariithi.

Professor Kariithi observed that the sector had the potential to contribute to economic growth of the country.

He said at a workshop hosted by First National Bank (FNB) in Lusaka that fish farming had the potential to grow the economy of Zambia but that it was lagging behind due to lack of experts.

He noted that aquaculture was spreading across the region and that many countries had realised its potential to sustain an economy and uplift the lives of people.

Prof. Kariithi, who was one of Africa’s leading scholars in journalism, stressed the need for experts to carry out actual studies on aquaculture to find ways in which the sector could be improved.

“Aquaculture has the potential to contribute to economic growth of the country. It is being restricted by the lack of experts to give guidance on how it can be improved,” he said.

Meanwhile, FNB senior manager agribusiness Cheyo Mwenechanya also said that fish farming had the potential to grow Zambia’s economy.

Mr Mwenechanya noted that the fish industry in Zambia was growing at a slow pace because the young were not venturing into agriculture related activities.

He called on the youth to venture into agriculture related businesses like fish farming, as there were no businesses only for the elderly people.

Mr Mwenechanya also disclosed that less than two percent of the companies registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) were agriculture related.

And Mr Mwenechanya said that FNB was committed to support farmers and small businesses across Zambia.

He said that the bank had already made available over $100 million to the agriculture sector in the last four years.

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