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FAILURE to accept internal democracy in some political parties has forced many unsuccessful parliamentary aspiring candidates to contest the August 12 elections as independent candidates, Anti Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) Copperbelt coordinator Poster Jumbe has said.

Mr Jumbe said political parties had their own democratic systems to adopt their candidates for an election and to decide to go independent was not only an abuse of internal party democracy but also failure to understand the intra party democracy.

He was commenting on the increasing number of unsuccessful parliamentary candidates who have decided to stand independent candidates.

Mr Jumbe said political parties had no obligation to give out reasons for not adopting a certain candidate.

He however indicated that some candidates could have been left out because they had no capacity to effectively carry out campaigns while others were outrightly not suitable to become Members of Parliament (MPs).

“It is sad that some unsuccessful aspiring candidates have decided to go independent after their respective parties refuse to adopt them to stand as MPs and councilors. This conduct is due to failure to understand the intra party democracy.

“There is no reason to become disgruntled and start thinking I will fix them by standing as independent candidate.  In certain situations, one may stand as an independent and lose miserably.  So, people should not be driven by emotions,” Mr Jumbe said.

Mr Jumbe said those seeking to stand as independent candidates should resign from their political parties before standing as independent candidates.

He said even political parties must ensure that those deciding to stand as independent candidates were clearly detached from their political parties

“Party members must be loyal to the party especially during difficult times, even when they are not adopted, they should remain loyal and support the adopted candidates. So for those that have decided to go as independent candidates, they are not loyal members and must resign to go and stand as independent candidates,” he said.

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