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GOVERNMENT says it has strengthened its social protection response with support from its cooperating partners to tackle high levels of poverty and vulnerabilities in the country.

Ministry of Community Development and Social Services acting director for policy, planning and information Marrian Tembo said the role of social protection in poverty reduction cannot be over-emphasised.

Ms Tembo said there is need for the media to start reporting adequately on social protection.

She noted that despite the intensity in social protection programming, there is little that is reported on what strides have been made in reducing poverty in the country.

“Social protection in the contemporary world, is a proven tool that helps to streamline interventions and operations of the state and non-state actors in alleviating poverty and vulnerability among the people.

“Therefore, the need for social protection in Zambia cannot be doubted as we have high levels of extreme poverty and vulnerability especially with the advent of the corona virus pandemic which has worsened the situation,” Ms Tembo said.

She said Government is committed to ensuring that the poor and vulnerable are provided with meaningful and consistent interventions which are targeted at reaching the priority groups such as women, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

She disclosed that in December 2014, the government approved the national social protection policy which is to be reviewed.

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