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CONFUSION rocked the Southern Province pre-processing of presidential supporters’ after officials from two political parties were almost clobbered for not providing lunch and transport refunds to their supporters, as All Peoples Congress failed to raise the 100 supporters.

After being promised to be paid at least K100 that would have come with sitting in the scotching sun, supporters from the National Restoration Party led by Steven Nyirenda and Zambia United for Sustainable Development led by Mr Lazarus Chisela lost their tempers after their officials failed to honour their promises.

The supporters, majority of whom were women almost manhandled USD provincial mobilisers who told the supporters that Mr Chisela, the president, had only sent K1, 000 to be shared among all the 100 supporters.

The irate women refused to take the K20 that the mobilisers offered to give them immediately they came out of the Choma Council Chambers saying the amount was too small.

They hurled some bad words, arguing that the K20 was not what they agreed and if he was not going to give them the agreed amount they would report the matter to the Police. “This man is a fool, he shouldn’t think we left our children and businesses just to come and queue from morning to this time for a mere K20” one woman was heard shouting.

“There is no way you can give us  K20 when others were getting K100 or K50s, we are suffering and that is why we came here so we can make some reasonable money, you are an idiot…call your president and give us the money” Ms Jennifer Muchindu shouted. The angry women finally accepted to get the K20, and dispersed while shouting unprintables at the party mobiliser.

And APC party led by Mr Nason Msoni despite announcing in most social media blogs that it will give transport refunds to those that will go to the Civic Centre failed to raise the 100 supporters.

 By 17:30 hours, not even one APC supporter was seen at the verification centre.


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