Central chiefs denounce violence


TRADITIONAL leaders in Central Province have denounced political violence before, during and after the elections.

Chief Shaibila who is the provincial Council of Chiefs said as traditional leaders they detest any act that would lead to bloodshed especially during the election campaigns.

Speaking on behalf of other chiefs in the province, Chief Shaibila appealed to all political leaders to ensure that their members refrain from any form of violence as the country goes to the polls.

“As chiefs, we denounce violence, we pray for violent free elections, we don’t want bloodshed,” he said.

He was speaking when Vice President Inonge Wina held a meeting with chiefs in Kabwe.  She was accompanied by President Edgar Lungu’s running mate, Professor Nkandu Luo and former Justice minister, Given Lubinda among others.

And the chiefs bemoaned lack of transport and the government’s delay to resolve the chiefdom boundary wrangles.

Chief Shaibila on behalf of other traditional leaders urged the government to speed up the process of resolving the matter.

And Prof. Luo said she was pleased that the chiefs have denounced violence.

She said their voice was cardinal in ending political violence.

Prof. Luo said it was unfortunate that some political leaders are encouraging violence.

And Ms Wina commended chiefs for their unending support to the government.

Ms. Wina also said assured the chiefs that the government would look into their plight.

The Vice President is in the province to inspect government projects and bid farewell to chiefs as she retires from active politics after the August 12 general elections.

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