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POLICE officers must not be cowards but deal firmly with law breakers, including those who want to defy the law banning   political rallies, Deputy Inspector General of Police for operations, Charity Katanga has said.

Ms Katanga said in Kitwe yesterday that police officers should not fear to face the crowd but ensure to deal firmly with those who want to cause problems.

“As police officers, don’t be cowards, don’t fear to face the crowd but ensure that you deal firmly with those who want to be a problem. These reports of violence and lawlessness must be dealt with firmly,” she said.

Ms Katanga was speaking yesterday at Kitwe Central Police station drill hall when she addressed Officer Commanding (OCs) and other senior police officers on the Copperbelt

She also urged the police officers to intensify night patrols to deal with those pulling down political party posters and to curb other criminal activities on the Copperbelt.

She also urged traffic police officers to control road shows and ensure that they adhere to traffic regulations, saying it was lawlessness for people doing road shows with a convoy of 100 motor vehicles.

She urged police officers to look out for offensive weapons in some motor vehicles carrying political party cadres on road shows.

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