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By ROGERS KALERO                              

“HAKAINDE Hichilema is a terrible liar. It is not true if he becomes republican President, the day he will be sworn in, the dollar to the Kwacha will drop.  He is saying that if he is sworn in at 10:00 hours, at 14:00 hours, the dollar will drop. This is a blatant lie.  He is actually exposing himself that he does not understand how the government operates,” says   Chishimba Kambwili.

Dr Kambwili said the desperation to become republican President had forced the UPND leader to start telling lies.  And Dr Kambwili says despite insults and tantrums from the UPND and their surrogates, “I will continue campaigning for the Patriotic Front (PF) and explaining why I left the UPND opposition alliance so that people understand and make their own right decision on August 12.”

Dr Kambwili said some former National Democratic Congress (NDC) members who have joined the UPND were attacking him on social media to appear relevant to the opposition party leadership so that they could be rewarded with jobs if it formed government.

The former Roan Member of Parliament and Information Minister was reacting to social media attacks from Father Richard Luonde and NDC media director Emmanuel Malite.

Dr Kambwili said the fact that the former NDC members like Fr Luonde, Mr Malite and others were attacking him on social media, was a clear indication that he was a political heavyweight whose decision to leave the UPND Alliance had devastated them.

“Even some people who are supporting the UPND now, they will regret voting for it if they form government because they will bring serious divisions and cruelty. So I will go to the Copperbelt and explain including why I left the alliance.

“Those who want to call me names, it’s okay. It is their right they can call me a tribalist, a convict anything they want to call me, but for me, I stand on the truth,” he said. On the issue of the increasing prices of essential commodities which the UPND was campaigning on, Dr Kambwili said he will appear on a special radio programme where all radio stations will be connected so that he will explain that the increasing cost of essential commodities was not only in Zambia, but that it was a global problem

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