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THE ill act by the UPND government of disrespecting the dead will haunt them, Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province Secretary, Sam Zulu, has said.

He said having failed to produce any evidence of corruption among the living, bodies of deceased are now being exhumed with the hope of finding money on them.

In an interview, Mr Zulu said the UPND government is now doubting death certificates from the qualified doctors.

Mr Zulu said, “I hope the body of comrade Suzyo Nyika will be the last to exhume.

This barbaric action, he said, must be condemned in the  strongest terms.

“The country has in the recent past witnessed an unprecedented insatiable appetite from the ruling party leaders and cadres to brand the PF party leaders and the members as corrupt and a clique of thieves.

This evil campaign has managed to decide the nation to the satisfaction of perpetrators of the impotent Anti-Corruption Commission.

“Now that they have failed to find any evidence of corruption, they are now exhuming bodies of dead people. This evil act will surely haunt you,” he said.

He said after winning elections the UPND alarmed the nation that there was ghost workers at Zesco, but they are now ashamed that no ghost workers has been identified.

“After mysteriously winning the 2021 elections, the new dawn launched the ghost worker campaign and the nation was alarmed that the PF government had employed ghosts at Zeco who were drawing salaries every month.

Now, the UPND appointed Zesco board chairperson announced that there have never been any ghosts at Zesco. It is only in order to demand an apology from the President on this matter.

“The UPND slogan of Zambia forward has effectively been rendered useless in the absence of any meaningful drive in vision suggesting to move the country forward. All the UPND leadership is focusing on the past in their quest to drag innocent President Lungu in their imagery and rhetoric anti corruption campaign,” he said.

He said Zambia is facing serious challenges and in need of serious leadership that will focus on finding last solutions.

“To all the PF members, let us remain resolute and walk with heads high for the many good we did for mother Zambia in the past 10 years. Our record remains unmatched,”Mr Zulu said.

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