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By Mulenga Musonda

A Bricklayer has told the Choma Magistrates Court on how he was given school mattresses and tables by a Security Guard whom he caught having sex with a pupil so he could not reveal to the school  authorities.

In this matter Ian Litonga 32, was testifying against his co accused Sunford Hanchele 47 in a case they are charged with breaking into a building and committing a felony therein.

Allegations are that the two jointly and whilst acting together broke into Sikalongo Secondary School with Intent to commit a felony therein and stole three mattresses, tables among other items valued at K9, 080 the property of the named learning institution.

The alleged incident is said to have happened between May 1 and 12 in Choma district of Southern province.

When the matter came up for continued defense before Senior Resident Magistrate Peter Mungala, Litonga  testified that, after  finding Hanchele having sex with a pupil of the same school around 20: 00hrs on March 23, Hanchele promised to give him money so he could not reveal the sexual escapade he had with a pupil.

Litonga went on to testify that, despite him knowing that the mattress, book rack and tables he was given to remain silent were the property of the school, he went ahead and collected the items.

But Hanchele in his defense  denied ever stealing the mentioned items and sexually taking advantage of the pupil.

The matter was adjourned to June 7, 2021 for continued defense.

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