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SOME youths in Kalomo have bemoaned the lack of employment in the district forcing then to indulge in illicit activities.

The youth have appealed tothe government to come up with mechanism of how to create employment for them and also empowering them.

One of the youth, Sandra Zimba lamented that most youths in Kalomo have lost hope for a better life owing to lack of employment and empowerment.

She told the Daily Nation that youths are the driving force of the nation as they greatly contribute to a larger portion of human resource.

However, Ms Zimba said, it is unfortunate that even some supermarket operating within Kalomo are employing people from other districts.

She said that as a result of that, Kalomo youths are left out instead of being prioritized.

Ms Zimba said, this was the reason why youths are appealing to the government to create more employment opportunities that will benefit them.

Another youth Jacob Mukumbuta a resident of Mawaya compound said the situation has led to most of the youth turning into criminals and engaged themselves in drug abuse.

Mr Mukumbuta has also called on government to look into their plight by providing jobs.

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