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By ROGERS KALERO                                                                                   

THE ruling Patriotic Front (PF) made it difficult for me to deliver development in Roan constituency In Luanshya because it hijacked most of the developmental projects I initiated, UPND Alliance Roan parliamentary candidate Joseph Chishala has said.

He said despite the PF hijacking his developmental projects, he tried his best to deliver development and this was why he had been adopted to re-contest the Roan seat under the UPND Alliance

Mr Chishala, who was elected Roan Member of Parliament (MP) on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket, was speaking on a UPND paid forprogramme on Radio Icengelo together with Kitwe district UPND spokesperson Cephas Chisange

He appealed to the people of Roan constituency to vote for him, President Hichilema and the UPND mayor and councillors.

“When I was elected as MP under NDC, PF told me that they will make it difficult for me to deliver development, but I tried my best in the two years I served as MP.

“So for me to deliver development properly, on August 12 , I am pleading with the electorate in Roan to make it easy for me to deliver development by ensuring that they elect President Hichilema as republican President,  a UPND Alliance mayor and councillors,” Mr Chishala said.

During the same programme, Mr Chisange said Zambians must vote for the UPND in the August elections because President Hichilema was the right person to deal with various economic challenges the country was facing.

Mr Chisange said President Hichilema had promised to ensure that the Kwacha appreciated within four hours of being sworn in.

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