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DIPLOMATS accredited to Zambia should use the right channel of communications whenever they want to express their views, keeping in mind that Zambia is an independent state, former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Gabriel Namulambe has said.

Mr Namulambe said it was important for diplomats to observe boundaries when commenting on internal matters of a country.

He was reacting to US Embassy interim Charge d’Affaires to Zambia, David Young, who said the ongoing election campaigns in Zambia were not fair, claiming that Government had imposed restrictions on the opposition while it was campaigning.

He said that the statement by Mr Young had the potential to mislead the general population and cause confusion in the country.

Mr Namulambe said it was a well-known fact that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) had set dates for each political party’s campaign activities.

“Which restrictions is he talking about because the Electoral Commission of Zambia has come up with a timetable for campaigns for each political party?

 “As much as we accept these diplomats there is need for them to follow the right procedure and channel when they want to express views,” he said.

Mr Namulambe said even though the US was a super power, it was not supposed to intervene in Zambia’s internal matters.

Mr Young who featured on Hot FM Breakfast show on Tuesday, alleged that there was unbalanced treatment of political parties during the campaign period.

He also claimed that opposition parties were required to get permission to conduct an event while Government officials were not.

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