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Always playing victim to seek public sympathy


HAKAINDE Hichilema is a drama “queen” who always seeks
sympathy from the public hence it is not surprising that he politicised his invitation to late first republican President Kenneth Kaunda’s funeral, former UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said.

Mr Kakoma said Mr Hichilema had always played victim of state persecution even
when there was nothing to warrant such claims.

He said in an interview that the UPND president had al- ways been looking for a sym- pathy vote and his politicking over the funeral of Dr Kaunda was not surprising.

Mr Kakoma said having spent a lot of time with Mr Hichilema, his failure to attend Dr Kaunda’s state funeral last Friday was all a calculated move.

“This is a man we all know has played victim to the state,always trying to show that the state was treating him unfairly. So, it is not surprising that even this time he is seeking public sympathy,” he said.

Mr Kakoma added that Mr Hichilema had on several times turned down invita- tions to state functions.

He said it was sheer pre- tecse for UPND to cry foul about not being invited to a state function because their policy was well known.
Mr Kakoma also said with the increase in Covid-19 cases, it would be justified for the State not to invite some people to national events.

He said it was incumbent upon the state to see to it that national events were not crowded and that those left out should not cry foul.

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