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CHIEFS in Zimbabwe have called for more engagement between that country and Zambia to enhance bilateral cooperation for the benefit of the citizens in the two sister countries.

Speaking on behalf of other traditional leaders on the Zimbabwean side, Chief Chundu said the death of Zambia’s founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda should boost the good relationship between the two people.

Chief Chundu said the peoples of the two countries have always enjoyed mutual relationship since colonialism and the federation of Nyasaland and Rhodesia.

He said apart from working together in the energy sector through the establishment of the Zambezi River Authority (ZRA) which is overseeing the water management at Kariba Dam, political leaders in the two countries should come up with other initiatives in education and agriculture sectors.

“Apart from the energy sector, there is need for the two people to work together in the other sectors such us in the education and Agriculture sectors to enhance Development in the former Rhodesian territory.

Chief Chundu also called on Zambia and Zimbabwe to actualise the twinning of Mashonaland West and Southern Province in Zambia.

He said since the agreement was signed between the two countries three years ago, no tangible results have been achieved.

The traditional leader said Zimbabwe would remain grateful to the Zambian people for the unwavering support and hospitality displayed during the bloody struggle for emancipation from colonial bondage.

He said Zambians sacrificed immensely for the current freedom the people of Zimbabwe are enjoying by offering sanctuary to their troubled sisters and brothers.

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