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DEMOCRATIC Party leader Harry Kalaba has said that he was focusing on rebuilding and rebranding his party after coming out third in the just ended August 12 elections.

Mr Kalaba who only managed to garner 24,879 votes said that he would hit the ground running and start preparing for the next elections which were slated for 2026.

He said the August elections were an eye opener and that he had acquired the much needed knowledge needed to go in the next elections.

‘’We have to continue working hard and not feel bad for the election result because there is a winner and a loser in every election,’’ he said.

Mr Kalaba said that a number of people were trying to petition election results due to alleged malpractices and that arose.

Meanwhile the DP president said that he was in support of the move by the investigative wings to freeze accounts for certain individuals who were deemed to be involved in corrupt activities.

Mr Kalaba said that he did not have any qualms with anyone but if people were involved in corruption then it was only prudent for institutions like the ACC and DEC to do their job.

‘’Personally I don’t have a problem with people being investigated by the ACC if really they did not do any wrong why should they be scared,” he said.

He said he was happy that the investigative wings had been given powers unlike what when they were moribund.


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