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..inaugration is time for healing the nation

..inaugration is time for healing the nation

Dear Editor,

IT is hard to think of a moment – except for the 1960s – when partisan divisions have been so deep. There have been other times when the country felt divided for other reasons, but the 2016 and 2021 elections nearly tore our nation apart.

When Dr. Kenneth Kaunda took office in 1964, for instance, there may have been strong partisan divisions, but lately, there has been much political anger and loss of faith in the spirit of One Zambia One Nation. There is a profound disconnect between the country’s State institutions and the confidence of citizens in these institutions.

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Thank you millions to the Zambia Defence Forces for the timely intervention before, during and after election day. This country would have witnessed unprecedented bloodshed considering that the so-called political cadres on both sides of the political divide, particularly PF and UPND, were heavily armed with pangas, guns and all sorts of offensive weapons, ready for mayhem, and had no respect for Zambia Police. Left unaided, the Police would not have managed at all to stop the mayhem.

I was relieved when I listened to the reconciliatory speech by the President-elect, Mr Hakainde Hichilema setting the tone for governance under his administration. He made a few remarks on attendance of the public at the inauguration.

Since this is his function; one of his greatest days on earth; how I wish he provided guidance on all forms of discrimination on that day. On my mind is the blacklisting of Kalandanya musicians from performing at the inauguration. Musicians, just like journalists are simply messengers of a message. Their job is merely to convey a message.

Never kill a messenger even if you dislike the message. Nonetheless, I look forward with confidence as he begins the work of gaining back the trust of this great people of this great nation; bringing them together in an effort to resolve the economic crisis. I am sure, together, we can achieve great things for our great nation. Bless you all! PETER SINKAMBA.

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