WE challenge the UPND to explain the use of government buses to transport back their cadres who were stranded after President Hakainde Hichilema inauguration ceremony, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said. PF national youth chairperson, Antonio Mwanza, said it was lawlessness of the highest order to use government properties to perform party functions.

Mr. Mwanza said the use of government school buses to transport party cadres who came for the inauguration was clear abuse of office and it should be condemned. He was reacting to the pictures that were going round on social media suggesting that UPND was transporting its cadres who were stranded after the inauguration using branded buses of some government schools.

He said this was a wake-up call for Zambians that the UPND leaders never meant what they were promising the people. Mr. Mwanza said that their actions had proved that they never meant what they said when they talked about ensuring that there is rule of law, respect of authority, respect of government procedures and government departments. “This is a gross abuse of power,” he said.

He said if the UPND was able to abuse branded government vehicles, Zambians should be worried of what they will do with government contracts and coffers. “We are really worried about the level of abuse that will be going on in the UPND government, they are just two days old in office and they have already started abusing government property,” Mr. Mwanza said. He said the PF would hold the UPND government accountable by providing proper checks and balances. “We will provide alternative policies and hold them accountable,” he said.

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