THE UPND government should be wary of some bootlicking clergy and traditional leaders that cheated the previous regime that there was no wind of change, Bishop John Mambo has said. Bishop Mambo warned the new government that chiefs and clergy that misled the defeated PF and its leader Edgar Lungu were still around and would not hesitate to do the same to the new administration for money. He said it was unfortunate the church became divided and abandoned its noble calling of speaking for the poor.

“Those people that cheated the former president that there was no wind of change for their own benefits are still around and would do that again and again for their own interests. Therefore, it is important for the new government to be alert,” Bishop Mambo said.

Bishop Mambo also cautioned the new administration not to be arrogant but listen to the voices of the people who have put them back in office. “President Hakainde Hichilema has preached about servant leadership and this is what we expect from all his government leaders. PF lost power because they became too arrogant,” he said.

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Bishop Mambo reminded the UPND government it should focus on fulfilling campaign promises. “People have higher expectations from this government and expect them to fulfil campaign promises such as Zero tolerance to corruption, youth employment and upholding the rule of law,” he said.

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