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SANITY has been restored at CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines a week after police swung into action and ejected illegal miners from the site.

The number of illegal miners that invaded the site had doubled in the past few months despite witnessing deaths of some of their colleagues. Mine management had for a long time been fighting to get rid of the illegal miners but to no avail. ‘

CNMC Luanshya Copper Mine Public Relations Manager, Sydney Chileya, told the Daily Nation that the situation was calm at the mine. Mr Chileya said most illegal miners that came from other towns had left the place as police had continued keeping vigil at the mine.

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“I can confirm that we have resumed our normal operations. We have continued working hand in hand with the Zambia Police because we need their presence for us to mine safely. “We have also doubled our security personnel in preparation for future occurrences of the same,” he said.

Mr Chileya indicated that the mine was working on other modalities to enhance security at the Chinese-owned mining firm. He also commended the men and women in uniform for doing a good job in securing the premises and ensuring that the illegal miners did not return at any point. He said this was for the best of both mine management and the illegal miners who were operating without safety garments.

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