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DELAY in farming input distribution by the new Government which promised to improve the agriculture sector is disheartening, Chief Chanje has lamented.

Chief Chanje of the Chewa people in Chipangali said the delay in delivering of the 2021/2022 farming inputs would have a negative impact on the next crop yield.

He said in an interview yesterday that it was disappointing that the government which promised to do better than the previous regime had failed to deliver inputs on time.

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Chief Chanje said the PF Government had last year delivered the farm inputs under the Fertilizer Input Support Programme (FISP) on time and farmers were expecting the new dawn Government to do the same.

“Chaka chatha, tinalandila mbuto ndi fataleza pali nthawi ino, tsopano chodesa nkhawa nchakuti alimi akalibe kulandila chaka chino pomwe tili ndi boma tsopano yomwe inalonjeza kusamala zaulimi,(Under the PF last year, this time we already received farming inputs and it is disappointing that the new Government which promised to improve the agriculture sector has not delivered yet),” Chief Chanje  said.

He said farmers could only plan properly for the next farming season if the inputs were delivered on time. The traditional leader said late delivery of farming inputs in his chiefdom would pose a challenge because the roads were impassable during rainy season.

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