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THE Financial Intelligence centre must clear the air over the US $ 2.5 million dollars it allegedly lost in a US$10 million deal to install an Intelligence Management System, Zambia Republic Party president Wright Musoma has demanded.

Mr Musoma said that the Centre should come out straight and explain how it lost the money because it is an institution mandated to see that there is transparency in the usage of public funds. He said that it is unfortunate that the centre has in the past accused some individuals of engaging in financial irregulaties.

Mr Musoma said that some corrupt individuals are hiding in institutions such as FIC. He demanded that the centre should tell the country if they followed the right procedure in the deal to install an intelligence management system.

Mr Musoma called on the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter. “It is unfortunate that the institution that is given the responsibility to fight corruption is the one that has been found wanting. “FIC should come out straight on the matter and account for the money that has been lost through the deal,“ he said. FIC has reportedly lost US $2.5 million dollars in a dubious US $10 million dollar deal to install an intelligence management system.

The centre allegedly paid a contractor US $ 2.5 million dollars meant for the installation of an intelligence management system as an advance payment for the equipment but that the contract had not been fulfilled. When contacted for a comment centre public relations officer Albert Sikapizya said that the Director General Mary Chirwa will issue a comprehensive statement today.

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