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THE police should quickly stop attacks on bus drivers and vendors who are known PF sympathisers operating from major bus stations in Lusaka, UPND national youth chairman Gilbert Liswaniso has said.

He said the attacks border on criminality and will not tolerated by the new administration.

Mr Liswaniso said there should be co-existence between UPND and PF supporters in markets and bus stations as they all had a right to operate from there.

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He warned that UPND would disown any of its members who would involve themselves in criminality.

Mr Liswaniso called on the law enforcers to arrest anyone found perpetuating violence regardless of their political inclination.

He said in an interview that it was a long process to ensure that harmony and working together was restored in the country as it required concerted effects from all stakeholders.

Mr Liswaniso said the people that were chasing others from the markets were not really the cadres, but people who were mishandled by the PF before they left power.

He added that UPND would not revenge what the PF did while in power, but would instead embrace and work together as one.

“It is a process indeed as today I am sorting out more problems of the PF than of the UPND and have even become more popular by trying to bring sanity in all public places,” Mr Liswaniso said.

He said the UPND was working tirelessly to ensure that things were in order so that those who would come into leadership after them could find a better environment.

“AS UPND, whenever we find wrangles or misunderstandings in markets and bus stations we try to ensure that we engage our leaders so that matters are resolved amicably,” Mr Liswaniso said

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