GREEN Party president Peter Sinkamba has called on the European Union, Britain and the United States to help with a resource debt audit, to resolve the issue of the debt in the country.

Mr Sinkamba said a discourse on Zambia’s debt made sad reading as one group alleged that the external debt was around US$37 billion while the other group claimed the debt was around US$13 billion.

He said the best way to resolve was to engage cooperating partners to resource a debt audit, conducted by renowned international experts that have never done, or plan to do any business with the Zambian Government.

“Whatever the case, these numbers are too huge to ignore especially that by operation of the Constitution, we have the Auditor General’s office that audits Government coffers daily, weekly, monthly and yearly,” he said.

Mr Sinkamba said ironically, the nation had not been informed by the Auditor General’s Office on the status of the debt.

He said although the Constitution protected the Auditor General from control by any person, but in public interest there was need for him to tell his side of the story.

Additionally, he said, instead of basing allegations on mere speculation, it would be fair if the nation were to have truthful data through independent experts without delay.

He said because of the abrasive relationship between the PF and UPND, he doubted that neither of them at the moment could provide accurate data to the nation to put the matter to rest.

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