THE Patriotic Front should tighten its security so that more lives are not lost at the hands of the opposition UPND, Zambia Republican Party president Wright Musoma has charged.

Speaking in an interview, Mr Musoma said  PF should not allow the UPND to assume an upper hand and intimidate people in PF strongholds from voting.

 Mr Musoma charged that the police have failed to handle the situation hence the need for the PF to tighten its own security. He said that the rate at which the UPND is causing violence has the potential to cause voter apathy as   voters will be scared to go out to cast their vote.

Mr Musoma accused the police of only responding to matters when there is an emergence or when something has happened rather than preventing incidences. He called on the police administration to send more police officers to Southern province and all the areas to ensure that peace prevails during and after the elections.

“We don’t want to see bloodshed. The Inspector gGeneral of police should be equal to the task, he should send more officers to Southern Province and other areas so that there is peace and order during and after the elections.

He said that the opposition UPND has smelled defeat hence they have become violent.

Mr Musoma alleged that Mr Hichilema is not ready to suffer another defeat hence he has resorted to violence.

The ZRP leader noted that the UPND has proved to be a violent party hence the need for the people to be careful when voting.

Mr Musoma observed that what happened in Mandevu and Namwala is unfortunate and should not be allowed to happen again and that the only to prevent this, is for the PF to tighten its internal security and remain vigilant.

He urged the Party to ensure the security wing was taken car of with adequate resources.

He said it was wrong for the party security to be invisible at the time like this when the opposition was showing itself to be powerful.

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