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By  Jackson Mapapayi                  

The business community in Solwezi has been challenged to form cooperatives as the best way to develop the economy.

The challenge was made by President Edgar Lungu’s running mate Prof Nkandu Luo when she addressed the business community in Solwezi.

Prof Luo said time had come for Zambians to maximize their potential by fully utilizing the locally available natural resources.

She said Zambia’s economy was poised for a great boost if the Zambian business community took it upon themselves to add value to the already existing local natural resources.

“We don’t need to start looking for foreign investors because we are very much capable to run our own economy. It is up to us to take up  opportunities,” said Prof Luo.

She said the business community should take advantage of the country’s geographic position surrounded by eight countries which could be bringing much needed foreign exchange.

She said the good road network which the government had put up was one of the most important pieces of infrastructure which could be used as a vehicle for the country’s economy.

She said the Patriotic Front (PF) had already started changing the face of the country through massive infrastructure development which she said was a backbone of the economy.

She said the PF manifesto  highlights and guides what  government has done and what it intends to do in the next five years.

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