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I WILL remain a loyal and senior member of the Patriotic Front (PF), losing Kabwe Central candidate, Tutwa Ngulube has declared.

Mr Ngulube said yesterday that he would not abandon the former ruling party on account of its loss in the Augus general elections.

He was responding to reports suggesting that he has resigned from PF because of the undemocratic way former President, Edgar Lungu, was chosen as a presidential candidate.

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But Mr Ngulube maintained that he was a loyal PF member of central committee and that at no time had he issued a statement about the purported resignation.

“That statement was not from me, it’s not true but it’s malicious and the people who made that fabrication have since apologised,” he said.

Mr Ngulube said he would never attack M. Lungu and the PF in any way and would continue working with the party as it re-brands.

He said as a senior member of the PF, he would work closely with other members in ensuring that the former ruling party remains strong and united so as to offer objective checks and balances to the ruling UPND.

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