Conducive environment needed for enterprise to thrive – minister


THE creation of a conducive environment and incentives are needed for business enterprises to thrive in the country, the  Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise has observed said. 

Minister, Elias Mubanga has charged that the past government of the Patriotic Front (PF) did not take interest in that area hence the increase in the levels of unemployment among women and youths.

Mr Mubanga has charged that if there was a good conductive environment and mindset change among citizens, the enterprise in Zambia can develop.

He stressed that the New Dawn Government which is people centred,  is in power  to address such challenges.

Speaking when he addressed cooperatives and enterprises in Livingstone yesterday, Mr Mubanga said that there is need to develop the enterprise in Zambia adding that this can only be done if there is mindset change among citizens.

The Minister said that Zambia’s economy has gone down in the past years and that the coming of the new administration will turn things around.

“Zambia has gone down in terms of business, the economy has gone down because the previous government did not take the interest of enterprise…this is not how business was being done some  10 years ago,” he said. “We need to create a conducive environment and incentives for business to thrive and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise is there for you. We will make sure the country develops,” Mr Mubanga said 

The Minister further disclosed that very soon, he will be announcing  what the banks will be giving to the enterprises seeking to acquire loans.

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