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THE UPND has backtracked on its campaign pledge to sell the presidential jet claiming it was an asset of the Zambia Airforce Force (ZAF).

UPND spokesperson Cornelius the issue of the jet was neither here nor there because the jet and not an asset of the president but that of the defence wing.

He said this when he featured on Diamond TV on Sunday were he discussed a wide range of issues that the party had undertaken upon assuming power.

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Mr Mweetwa said that the administration had been advised that it was not possible to sell  the plane because it belonged to the Airforce and not the head of state.

‘’The presidential jet is an asset of the Zambia Airforce, it is not an asset of the president. This administration has been properly advised over the issue,’’ he said.

President Hakainde Hichilema when in opposition said he would sell the jet once he was voted into office as an  austerity measure to save money.

 Mr Mweetwa said that the new government was working hard to ensure that they reduced on expenditure and that they were using second hand vehicles which were left by the previous government.

He said their campaign promises were not mere rhetoric but that they were working hard to ensure that they delivered what the people wanted.

Mr Mweetwa said that the UPND had only been in power for three weeks and that there was need to give them some time.

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