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PROVISION of free education from primary to tertiary level is attainable if Government introduces education levy and increase budgetary allocation to the sector, National Action to Qualify Education in Zambia (NAQEZ) Executive Director Aaron Chansa has said.

Mr Chansa said free education remained a cornerstone of development of a country and could be attainable.

“It is difficult to provide free education from budgetary allocation of about 17 percent, so the government should introduce an education levy to support the provision of free education,” he said.

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Mr Chansa said free education was important because there were a lot people who drop out of school at lower grades and who fail to go to colleges and universities due to lack of financial support.

He said there was need for the government to increase budgetary allocation to about 21 percent for it to be realised.

Mr Chansa said Government should introduce a minimal levy of some selected merchandise so that it could be channelled to the education sector to supplement the budgetary allocation.

He said it was impossible to provide free education with the current economic environment.

“Government should introduce a special levy on some merchandise such as beer or talk time so that it can be channelled toward provisions of free education from grade 1 to university,” Mr Chansa said.

He said a minimal levy of K3 or less on merchandise such as beer or talk time could go a long way in attaining the provision of free education which will be beneficial to the nation.

Mr Chansa said free education is expensive and can only be attainable if necessary ventures are put in place to support it.

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