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THERE are no immediate plans to increase electricity tariffs as a review always follows a standard, Kaunda Senior Corporate Affairs Manager John Kunda has said.

Dr Kunda said there was no need for panic because Zesco makes an application to the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) which was reviewed through a comprehensive process.

This follows reports that electricity tariffs would go up owing to the upcoming completion of the cost of service study.

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But Dr Kunda explained in an interview that the articulation was just a desire for a cost reflective tariff.

He said the cost of service was critical for the smooth running of the power utility company which he was with ERB and was expected in October.

“There is no need for panic. Review of tariffs follows a standard procedure. Zesco makes an application to ERB which is reviewed through a comprehensive process,” Dr Kunda said.

He said cost reflectivity had to be determined independently so that other players could generate power and sell to their preferred customers.

Dr Kunda said currently, all producers want to sell to Zesco at high tariffs of about 12.8 cents per kilowatt/hour when the company sells at lower rates of three cents per kilowatt/hour.

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