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THE Zambia Institute of Human Resource Management (ZIHRM) has appealed to Government to speed up the process of enacting the ZIHRM Bill.

ZIHRM president Mooka Silumba observed that the issue was long overdue.

Mr Silumbu said the Bill was an important document and once enacted as it would enhance productivity levels in both the public and private sector.

He said it was, therefore, important for Government to speed up the process adding ZIHRM relied on Government on such important engagements.

Mr Silumbu was speaking at the ZIHRM annual general conference in Livingstone yesterday.

He said that the current Act does not provide sanctions for people practicing Human Resource Management without registering with the Institute.

Mr Silumbu noted that the ZIHRM Bill would address this and compel people and employers to recruit registered ZIHRM members to practice human resource management.

At the same occasion, Southern Province Permanent Secretary Joyce Bwacha stressed that Government would like to see productivity levels of Zambian employees enhanced to match what was obtaining in other countries.

Ms Bwacha said that the onus was on human resource practitioners to ensure this objective was achieved.

“You must spearhead this objective through initiatives such as implementation of objective systems through the perspectives of performance planning coaching, mentoring, performance review and reward,” she said.

She said universally, it was now an accepted fact that organizations regardless of what business they were involved in ultimately depended on human resources for effective implementation of their strategic plans.

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