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FORMER Roan Antelope Mining Corporation of Zambia (RAMCOZ) miners have threatened to protest over the non-payment of their benefits owed to them after the company went into receivership.

The irate miners said that they were shocked that money was not given to them a month after it was released.

They said it was shocking because some time had elapsed since the former President, Edgar Lungu, indicated that he had released money for them.

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The miners mostly from Mpatamatu and Roan Townships said they were planning to storm the NAPSA offices for them to be given feedback on what was going on.

One miner from Mpatamatu said that he was happy with the pronouncement from the former head of state but that they were shocked that nothing had come to fruition.

“Our plan is to protest because it has taken so long for results to show as you are aware the former president made the pronouncement a long time ago and we were assured that we would get the money,’’ he said.

Another miner from Roan said he was informed that there was one miner who placed an injunction claiming at least 10 percent from each miner for legal costs.

He said it was not possible because the amount was outrageous and that they were not going to allow that.

The unhappy former miner said that 10 percent from every miner equated to millions and that there just people that wanted to satisfy their personal agenda.

“Can you imagine that a person is demanding an amount from all of us is that fair I just think there is unfairness here,” he said.

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