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APPROPRIATE action must be taken against the contractor working on Mufulira-Mokambo Road because he has failed to complete the works despite being paid, Kantanshi Member of Parliament (MP) Anthony Mumba has said.

Dr Mumba said the failure by the contractor to complete the works on Mokambo road was a source of concern for the people of Kantanshi constituency and others hence relevant authorities should take appropriate action on the contractor.

The Mufulira-Mokambo road which joins the Pedicle Road that cuts through the Democratic Republic of Congo into Chembe in Zambia’s Luapula Province, has literally become impassable as heavy-duty trucks were equally struggling to pass.

The road provides a much shorter alternative into Northern Province through Luapula,from the Copperbelt but motorists have been forced to use the Kapiri-Serenje route which takes longer to get into the northern part of the country.

Swift Cargo was contracted by the PF Government to rehabilitate the stretch.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Dr Mumba said it was sad that despite being paid to complete the works and having several meetings with the Road Development Agency (RDA), the contractor had failed to accelerate road works on the site.

“It is evident that the contractor working on Mokambo road has failed to do the works. It is almost five year now, but there is little work which has been done. Government ensured that he was paid. One time he moved on site and pretended was working but nothing happened.

“There was time he had a meeting with RDA and other relevant authorities, but no works were done. So I think even the RDA know this problem. This is why I am saying appropriate action should be taken against this contractor,” Dr Mumba said

Dr Mumba said the construction of the Mokambo road could make Mufulira strategic for economic development through construction of warehouses for the storage of goods entering Zambia through Nakonde border from Dar-es-Salaam Port in Tanzania.

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