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NEVERS Mumba has entered into a pact with the ruling UPND without consulting party members out of his desperation to quickly get an appointment in the new Government, MMD founder member Gaston Sichilima has charged.

But Dr Mumba who is New Hope MMD president said he had no time to respond to Mr Sichilima who was not his party member.

Dr Mumba said this was time to reconcile the nation and not engage in unnecessary political arguments with people like Mr Sichilima who had nothing productive to do. 

“He is not our member, so we cannot answer him. Please, just ignore him. This is no time for that, Zambia needs help and we don’t have time for people who have nothing to do,” Dr Mumba said. 

Mr Sichilima who is also former deputy minister in the Mwanawasa administration charged that Dr Mumba was desperately in need of a job from President Hakainde Hichilema.

He told the Daily Nation in an interview that Dr Mumba wanted to use the partnership as a conduit to solicit for an appointment in the new dawn Government.

Last week, New Hope MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba announced that his party had entered into a partnership with the UPND Government based on a set of common values of dealing with public debt, corruption and Public Order Act, rebuilding the economy and debt repayment strategy among others.

Dr Mumba explained that his party had resolved to forge a partnership with the UPND to support every effort by the new government to deliver on those fundamental policy positions.

But Mr Sichilima described the move as an act of pure desperation and insatiable appetite by Dr Mumba to quickly land himself a job in the new Government.

“Strangely, there was no UPND representative, which shows you that he is desperately forcing himself on them. And the only explanation for that is that he wants a job,” Mr Sichilima said.

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