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Dear Editor,

IT is becoming very apparent by the day that His Excellency Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND were not ready to rule this great nation.

The shambolic manner in which he has gone about his reign so far goes to confirm that Mr. Hichilema was a man who was only ready to petition what was to be another heavy electoral defeat and not a man who was ready to govern a nation.

Today marks 40 days since his inauguration but President Hichilema still does not have a functional government to help him execute his mandate.

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He haphazardly fired some Permanent Secretaries and diplomats weeks ago after stakeholder pressure but he is yet to replace the vacant positions. As we speak, several P.S. and diplomatic posts remain unmanned.

Anyone who understands governance will know that government cannot function efficiently without Permanent Secretaries.

As we enter week seven of his presidency, it is becoming evident that President Hichilema does not have sufficient human capital within the UPND to pick from. He is stuck with the same men and women from the PF administration whom he constantly accused of being inept, corrupt and non-performers. Only an incompetent manager can still hold on to a team member who cannot perform for this long.

We therefore give President Hichilema until today, October 4, 2021 to complete and announce the list of key presidential appointments and begin the process of governing the nation.

Those three-hour long speeches will do very little to convince Zambians that the Head of State indeed had a plan for the nation before August 12.

If this ultimatum is not met, a greater majority of Zambians will be right to conclude that the man we have in State House was unprepared to govern.


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