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MANOEUVRES by the UPND to collapse the Patriotic front (PF) by portraying it as a tribal party through lies will hit a snag because Zambians cannot be swayed by cheap propaganda, Chinsali Member of Parliament Kalalwe Mukosa has said.

Mr Mukosa said the desperate acts of the UPND were an exercise in futility as Zambians had already detached PF from tribalism.

This follows numerous accusations of tribal remarks attributed to PF officials on social media.

Mr Mukosa said the lies were being manufactured by UPND in an effort to eliminate PF from the political scene.

He however said the manoeuvres by the UPND to eliminate the PF would not succeed.

Mr Mukosa said Zambians were too clever to see through the “cheap” schemes of the UPND and their lies.

“We know that these tribal stories are all schemes of the UPND in their quest to eliminate PF from the political scene. They want to wipeout PF hence they have now resorted to lies trying to label PF as a tribal party. But they must know that Zambians can see through these cheap tactics,” he said.

Mr Mukosa said UPND was wasting its time to think that it could eliminate the biggest opposition party with lies.

He wondered why UPND was still agitated with the presence of PF on the political scene.

Meanwhile, a PF member Chishimba Kambwili has distanced himself from an article on social media suggesting that he had justified tribal remarks attributed to him.

“The article by an online publisher called “The Zambian Observer” in which I am allegedly quoted makes sad reading. I have to state that I have never given an interview to any media house regarding the matter they have referred to and neither have I had any contact in my lifetime with this online new media,” Mr Kambwili said.

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