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GOVERNMENT must overhaul some of the investigative institutions so that a fresh start can be made for them to be able to discharge their responsibilities efficiently and professionally, Forum for Democracy and Development vice president Chifumu Banda has said.

Mr Banda has also advised investigative wings to stop premature sharing of information before investigations are concluded.

“Before they conclude the investigation they are already on air claiming we have done this and that,” he said.

Mr. Banda said for the alleged fight against corruption to be credible, it was important that the government takes a close look at the staffing in the investigative institutions.

He said as things stand some of them were making politically influenced decisions which must not be the case because they must be professional.

Mr. Banda said some of the investigative institutions had already exhibited leanings towards certain sections of the community which had raised doubts on their credibility.

He said that was the reason why many people believe that these investigative wings were not operating professionally.

Mr. Banda said overhauling would offer some of the people in these institutions further training so that they may develop a new culture of responsibility as they discharge their duties.

He said retraining was very important and there were a lot of institutions that had capacity to train those people.

“They must be trained so that they discharge their responsibilities professionally,” he said.

He also said the government should make sure that they place at their disposal all the necessary tools that would assist officers carry out their duties efficiently.

Mr. Banda said funding to these institutions must be a must and also mobility that would enable them to respond fast if they get complaints of an illegality or crime had been committed or about to be committed.

He said investigative wings should guard against premature release of information before concluding investigations.

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