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‘Chama needs medical attention’


DETAINED PF vice national chairperson, Davis Chama is in dire need of hospital attention forcing some party officials who visited him in Livingstone yesterday to demand for the expediting of police processes so that he can get bail and seek medical care.

The officials said the health of Mr Chama who had not been well had worsened after travelling a long distance from Lusaka to Sesheke and back to Livingstone. 

Former PF Kabwe Central, Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube in an interviewed urged police to expedite their investigations so that Mr Chama could get bail.

Mr. Chama is detained in Livingstone as he awaits police to conduct scene reconstruction and court appearance.

Mr Chama and his former security officer, Brian Nyoni are detained on possible charges of attempted murder over political violence that occurred in Mulobezi in 2015.

Mr Chama was party’s Secretary General at the time of the alleged crime.

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