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NAREP president Stephen Nyirenda’s wife, Lesa Kasoma has filed an application to set aside, for irregularity, a matter where the husband has accused her of forging his signature and fraudulently adding her name to his property titledeed.

Mr Nyirenda, who is Muvi Television proprietor, wants the Lusaka High Court to nullify the title deed for his farm in Lusaka’s Roma Township because his wife allegedly added herself as a joint tenant.

He also wants the court to order cancellation of the certificate of title of Subdivision A of Subdivision No 175 of Farm No 44a situated in Roma, Lusaka issued in his wife’s name as a joint tenant because she forged his signature.

And Mr Nyirenda wants the court to compel the Ministry of Lands to re-issue the certificate of title in his name as it appeared prior to the fraudulent deed of moiety lodged on June 19, 2019 by Ms Kasoma.

Mr Nyirenda is also claiming damages for loss of commercial business opportunity and pecuniary benefit suffered during the joint tenancy and any other reliefs the court might deem fit.
He acquired the farm in 1995 before he married her.

Ms Kasoma in her application to set aside writ for irregularity, stated that she first learnt about the lawsuit filed against her by the husband through social media on October 18, this year.
She added that she was shocked to receive a writ of summons and statement of claim through her lawyers the next day when she had not received any demand letter from Mr Nyirenda setting out the claim and circumstances surrounding the claim.

She stated that through a search conducted by her advocates, it was discovered that the plaintiff had served the demand letter to the Ministry of Justice.

Ms Kasoma claims the demand letter has not been served on her.
She contended that the writ is irregular on account that it was not accompanied by a demand letter.
“This matter is not properly before court and the writ should be set aside for irregularity with costs,” Ms Kasoma submitted.

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