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A REPORT on investigations conducted into the defects on Society Business Park has been completed, the Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ) has said.

Some cracks were in October 2019 observed on the pillars of the first floor of the building, prompting officials from State House, NAPSA, Zambia National Building Society, National Construction Council and EIZ among others to conduct an inspection.

EIZ president, Abel Ng’andu disclosed in an interview that the report was ready and would be submitted to relevant authorities for further advice before it’s made public.

Mr. Ng’andu said the intention of conducting an investigation on the defects was to ensure that NAPSA who are the owners of the building, make  corrective measures to ensure the building is safe.

“I can confirm that the report is ready but it will be submitted to the relevant authorities first then they will guide,” he said.

Mr Ng’andu clarified that the report was not intended for punitive measures but is meant to correct the problem if any, to ensure that it’s safe for  public use.

He also said the  aim of the EIZ was to ensure that a report is used as a guide for NAPSA to do remedial works if it is established that the building still has problems.

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