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HUNDREDS of bags of maize stuck in various depots in rural parts of Petauke have been soaked by the rains.

Farmers had complained recently about the delay by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) in providing empty grain sacks after they spent about three months at various depots.

In an interview yesterday, newly elected Patriotic Front (PF) Kaumbwe constituency Member of Parliament Dr Aaron Mwanza disclosed that bags of maize have been soaked while farmers are waiting for FRA to buy the produce.

Dr Mwanza said reports have reached him of farmers complaining about the predicament.

He said the situation is saddening because many   people depend on the commodity for their survival.

Dr Mwanza said if the FRA had bought all the maize stock at depots such a situation would not have occurred.

“I have been following up this matter and I have received reports that a number of bags have been soaked.

“This situation could have been avoidable if something tangible was done,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Mwanza is disappointed that FRA has failed to pay farmers who supplied maize as far as August.

He said this will result in farmers failing to prepare for this agricultural season which has begun.

Dr Mwanza said farmers use the same funds realised from maize sales to prepare for the following farming season as well as provide food for their families.

“Again, I did follow up on this matter and I was told that many farmers have not received money.

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