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STOP the blame games on PF and instead focus on ensuring that fertiliser is distributed cheaply and on time to farmers as per your promise, the Small-Scale Famers Development Agency (SAFADA) has advised the new dawn administration.

SAFADA Executive Director, Boyd Moobwe said UPND is now in government and should ensure that the challenges facing the agriculture sector, like pricing and delivery, are addressed.

“The ball is now in the hands of the UPND, therefore pointing fingers and blaming the PF for the things they did or did not do, will not help the situation in any way,” Mr Moobwe said.

He said pointing fingers at the former ruling PF, on what they did or failed to do to improve the agriculture sector will not help the sector in any way.

Mr Moobwe said the cost of production is too high because of the current high price of farm inputs which need urgent attention.

He said reports that the new government is buying expensive fertiliser, is a great concern to the farmers who, otherwise thought the coming of the UPND in government was going to reduce the price of inputs.

Mr Mooobwe said not long time ago, while in opposition, UPND promised that it would never procure fertiliser at over $1, 000 per ton but instead ship the commodity at the price of $400 per ton.

He said farmers are expecting that once implemented the policies they said they were going to undertake in the agriculture sector, the price of fertiliser will reduce to K250 per bag. 

Mr Moobwe also said the government should ensure that fertiliser and seed distribution is done in a timely manner to avoid losing planting time.

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