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MOMENTS after being shot, Public Prosecutor, Nsama Nsama, stood holding onto the grill door of the restaurant with eyes rolling and the mug cup he had in his hand, dropped. None of the people near him realized what had happened and started asking him what was wrong and even shook him, to get him out of the trance, an eye witness told the court.

Rebecca Nyone, manager at Pa Kabinet  Restaurant, broke down in tears on the witness stand as she recounted  details of the moments leading to the shooting to death of State Prosecutor Nsama Nsama Chipyoka.

Ms Nyone was testifying in a matter where a police officer Fanwell Nyundu, 25, is charged with the murder of Mr  Nsama and UPND member Joseph Kaunda.

In her testimony, Ms Nyone,  stated that Mr Nsama was shot   by an unknown person as he was leaving the restaurant known as Pa Kabinet after enjoying his coffee.

She stated that before the victim was shot, they had sat for about 10 minutes in the restaurant when smoke was seen from the window of the restaurant.

When it was discovered that Police had thrown teargas, she and Mr Nsama went out of the restaurant.

She stated that after a gun shot was fired, the victim the said “ Let me run, I am going back to the office,” .

The witness narrated that she offered to walk Mr Nsama .

She stated that as they walked, the mug cup he was holding dropped on the floor.

She stated that when she asked him what was wrong, he did not respond.

She said the victim stopped walking but held on to the  grill door.

Ms Nyone said she shook  Mr Nsama but his eyes were still rolling and could not say anything.

“He did not give any response and I continued shaking him. A restaurant  staff brought some water and poured on him and tried to wake him up  but he did not move,” she said in sobs.

Ms Nyone said when she shook him for the last time, blood was oozing from his ears  and everywhere.

Judge Joshua Banda adjourned the matter to tomorrow for continued trial.

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