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WE would rather work with the ruling UPND which is more reasonable in their conduct than the PF leaders who are behaving like they are still in power, ZRP leader Wright Musoma has said.

He said the consortium of political parties and NGOs will no longer work with the PF citing greediness and failure to engage partners that supported them during their time in office.  

Mr Musoma also said in an interview that the grouping was no longer interested in working with PF because of the behaviour of leaders in the former ruling party who were allegedly fighting for positions instead of concentrating in reorganising the party.  

He complained that since their embarrassing defeat after the August 12, 2021 general election, the PF had not invited the consortium to a round table discussion on the way forward. 

“And what is causing all this is greediness, a thing which even contributed to their embarrassing defeat in the last general election,” Mr Musoma said. 

He said it’s unfortunate that despite losing power to the UPND, in the last general election, the PF has continued behaving as if they were still in office.

Mr Musoma said between PF and UPND, the current party in government is more reasonable in the manner it is portraying itself not only to the country but also to the international community. 

He said for now the consortium will remain detached from PF as it ponders the way forward.

Mr Musoma also said if approached by the UPND, his party, would gladly accept but on condition that the ruling party stop selective prosecution of opponents and desist from giving the mines to foreigners. 

He said if the PF is serious about bouncing back to power, they need to sober up and come to terms that they lost the election and secondly accept their past mistakes.

He said as long as the PF continue ignoring the parties and organisations that supported them during the last election, they will remain alone.


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